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Do you struggle with managing the high costs of traditional film production and TV commercials? Virtual Production Workflow has proved to be a revolutionary paradigm shift in the film production and TV industry. 


Fractal Studio Dubai excels in providing Virtual Production service and cutting down the vast expenditure that every film producer encounters during traditional video production. 


Fractal studio, an amazing Virtual Production House in Dubai facilitates many film producers, influencers & advertising agencies throughout the Middle East. The studio provides invaluable XR (Extended Reality) service in UAE through its immersive video production environment.

This innovative XR filming studio successfully incorporates camera tracking software and technology with a virtual production stage that is 7000 sq. ft large, consisting of a curved 120 sq.m. LED volume. The virtual production led wall comprises a main, in-vision curve that is 24m wide by 5m high, two moveable side screens 3x2.5 meters each, and height-adjustable LED lights that complete the fully encapsulated yet highly adaptable space.

The Unreal Engine virtual production setup enables all delivery specifications necessary for film and TV production. The realistic virtual set delivers a complete solution for shooting in-camera VFX(ICVFX), a type of virtual production that combines real actors and physical sets with photorealistic virtual backdrops displayed on LED walls.


If you are looking for the best XR production in Dubai, you are at the right place. Request a quote and get started with our XR (Extended Reality) consultation services to create a visionary plan for your desired innovative XR video production. 

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LED Wall

120 sq.m


Moveable Side Screen
Virtual Production Stage



120 sq.m


1 - LED PANELS                          

    480 Infiled LED P2.5

    192 Degrees


    Optitrack Tracking System

    ARRI Metadata Integration



    3x2.5m (two)








Located in the heart of Media Production Zone Dubai - UAE

Complete XR Experience

Our studio specializes in XR film production  and is also the leading facility in Dubai XR advertising industry. Create immersive unrealistic environments for your shoot with XR technology. Dive into a 3D environment with visual scouting to choose your location for that perfect shot. Experience unmatched photo-realistic environments with all-around camera tracking and shoot from within the comfort of an indoor XR studio. Our 7000 sq.ft. Virtual Production studio comprises a virtual production LED wall that is 24m wide by 5m high and comes with two moveable side screens 3x2.5 meters each.

led Content-projection 

The LED wall stage design at Fractal studio is not only superbly suitable for virtual event production services but also can be optimized for still photoshoots. The virtual environments projected in the LED wall allow you to access different locations around the globe from within the comfort of an air-conditioned studio. Our LED wall is 24m wide by 5m high. It provides ample space for setting up your practical set and the photo projection on the LED creates the mood of the desired location/space.

Our virtual studio green screen facility is a 15x15x5 meters infinity studio space with True Rosco Chroma Green color. It is completely customizable to any color backdrop that you may require for your shoots. The complete  facility is indoor and air-conditioned with free parking spaces available on site. Hire our green screen studio Dubai and come in with your production team and equipment or let us do everything for you and come into a fully equipped studio ready to shoot your next big project.

INFINITY Green screen 

This is ideal for TV commercials and social media content creation

This is ideal for film production and advertising

This is ideal for virtual events

The presence of extended reality marketing is taking the advertising industry by storm. Fractal Studio proves to be a reliable virtual TV commercial production company in Dubai that incorporates XR in advertising to proclaim an innovative dimension of brand & consumer interaction. 

With the facility of in-door Xr studio and in-camera visual effects at our studio, you can take your products to any location around the globe or even into space, allowing your customers to witness how well they’d suit a certain environment. Become a part of the digital advertising industry with us to go beyond the limits of traditional advertising.


Virtual Events Production

If you are looking to organize a virtual event or interactive virtual conference that engages audiences like never before, then consider our virtual production service. The virtual meeting production at Fractal Studio uses an immersive XR stage that aims to organize a digitally rich virtual event that extends far beyond the real-life possibilities of the physical world. So plan your next virtual event with our innovative virtual event production company in Dubai and leave the stress to us.

Film Production

The incorporation of XR in film production unlocks limitless potential with the ability to adjust lighting on que, change environments with a click of a button, move objects inside the virtual production set and much more. Virtual reality film production is gaining a lot of attention from filmmakers because of the significantly lower cost of XR film production as compared to traditional film production. Additionally, the extensive customizability of virtual film production stands out. 

In this workflow, the virtual production manager directs and manages the entire led wall virtual production and the overall film production time is also reduced at our virtual film production studio as the post-production occurs during the pre-production and the producer alters the shots in real time. 

 Social Media Content

Create trendy and unreal environments for your next social media campaign with our Unreal Engine virtual production. When it comes to extended reality in business, a sizable majority of businesses have started to use mixed-reality solutions over social media to engage better with the users and drive their interest in the product. Start incorporating virtual technologies in social media marketing with us to get the most out of your marketing strategy.


In order to ensure seamless experience throughout the video production process and to ensure the perfect output of every project, our virtual reality production studio provides outstanding benefits that will compel you to join us. 

Budget Friendly

Our virtual production studio consultant comes up with the best film budgeting idea and manages the led wall virtual production cost smartly. 

The production team navigates different virtual environments to make the best creative decision.

Virtual Location Scouting

The team manages the full range of virtual production vitals to facilitate the clients beyond possibilities.

Pre-Production Management

The studio crew manages the overall set construction including the gathering of different required equipments.

Set Construction 

The post-production sound management, motion graphics setup and overall media management is done by the skilled team to ensure the HQ finish of the project. 

Post-Production Management

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